THE FLAT EARTH 2001-2002

The series of paintings titled, The Flat Earth, looks back to the sixtheenth century, “El Siglo del Oro”, and parallels it to the twenty-first. At one time, prior to Magellan’s voyage, the world was thought to be flat. Current biases, present prejudices and monocular vision can have the tendency to flatten our perceptions and hijack the meanings of progress in the contemporary world. Whether it is the economic, political or domestic arena, I’m looking to challenge and contest :official knowledge and histories”.

Blind: Power, Corruption and Lies, 48” x 46” x 2”, Oil on Linen on Panel, 2003.

They say Justice is blind. But we know in the real world that things aren’t always  what they should be. I used a young Latina woman in hopes of getting young Latinos inspired to participate in the democratic process.

Cuanto Cuesta La Corona? (How Much Does the Crown Cost?), 21”  x  29”  x  2”, Oil on Bark Paper on Panel, 2002.

Lifts the blindfold and looks at the price of power. Democracy requires an active and educated populace. Here again, I used a young Latina woman to inspire women and Latinos, as well as young people of all colors to take part in the democratic process.

Trabajo –  (I) Work, 56”  x  71”  x 2”, Oil on Linen on Panel, 2001

Juxtaposes different labor histories-adult labor during the Great Depression and children’s labor in a contemporary Mexican tourist resort.

Somewhere Between History and Memory is the Ombligo, 80” x 102” x 2”, Oil on Panels, 2002.

Renders visible the women in our family histories,

!Bienvenidos! (Welcome to the 21st century!), 30” x 21 1/2” x 2”, Oil on Linen on Panel, 2002.

Exhausted, Oil on Panels,75” x 50’  x  2”, 2001.

Renders the effects of colonialism.

Preying, 45” x 60” x 2”, Oil on Linen on Panels, 2004.

Who benefits from war?

Pawn, 19.5” x 20” x 2”, Oil on Linen on Panel, 2004.

Whose war is it?

New World Domestic Order, 72”  x  32”  x  2”, Oil on on Silk on Panel, 2000.

Looks at immigrant Latinas’ ways of making a living; caring for other peoples’  children and homes.