My latest body of work, After A Somewhat Prolonged Lapse Of Memory, acts as a portal for time travel and looks at the history of the American people through the lens of those that have been left out. The series is comprised of paintings, ink drawings, and short films.

On our travels through time, we meet historical characters from the American Revolution to the California Gold Rush. Then in the year 2050 we are introduced to scenes and characters that seem distant but resonate with today’s issues. Some of the issues portrayed include racism, endless war, rising inequality, gender discrimination, sexualities, weakened labor unions, and the corruption of our political system. This is presented alongside our current obsession with new media technologies and the challenges presented as we struggle to process this plethora of imagery and texts. “How does all this affect our democracy and its ability to inform and serve the will of the people?”


These are political cartoons executed in response to our “post-truth” era. They are inspired by the work of Honoré Daumier, Francisco Goya, and Art Young.